Boxed Tealights - The Florist


Imagine walking in to a bustling flower shop on a bright spring morning. The scent of freshly cut stems, heady spring bulb flowers and buckets of greenery hang in the cool air. That delightfully clean and bright scent is perfectly captured in this blend. 

A floral, green scent without any sweetness, The Florist is perfectly suited to kitchens during the summer months. 

  • Top notes: Bergamot, Cut Stems
  • Heart notes: Narcissi, Hyacinth
  • Base notes: Sage, Tuberose

      12 classic sized tealights are packed inside a printed kraft box with paper interwoven between the layers to protect them. The sturdy box means these tealights would make a beautiful, thoughtful gift.

      We would recommend using at least 2 tealights at a time to ensure the scent is noticeable in a room. All packaging is plastic free and can be placed in your household recycling.