Artisanal Italian Design - Notre A Life Less Ordinary

When it comes to design the words handmade and Italian are quite frequently used in the same sentence. At Notre we champion a beautiful range of bespoke shoes and boots from Italy. Italian footwear has a long tradition behind it and is synonymous with top quality. Italians have a history of being fashion forward and these ‘traditional’ styles have a timeless quality.

Hand made shoes are made to last a long time. Made from natural, sustainable, high quality materials using the best artisan craftsmanship and eco friendly manufacturing techniques.

When buying such an artisanal product there are several things to consider. Quality versus quantity means investing in a small number of handcrafted pairs which will save you money over the long term as you purchase better quality footwear that stands the test of time. Handmade footwear will invariably be a better fit which is one of the most important factors when buying a good pair of shoes and boots particularly one that is going to last. These shoes and boots are repairable. It is much more cost effective to repair a good pair of shoes than to replace them, especially if they turn out to be your favourite pair. Finally, they are durable which makes them a sensible choice. So, look after them. Start with a suede or leather protector before the first wear and clean and polish them regularly. These beautiful boots and shoes are worth the investment and with a little care and maintenance will last a lifetime and only get better with age. 

July 12, 2021 — Notre A Life Less Ordinary Admin