Mia Fratino

The wonderful brand Mia Fratino produces beautiful ethically made knitwear. By purchasing a piece of their cashmere, you can start to build a truly ethical wardrobe since this brand supports ethical production using sustainable fibres and championing slow fashion. The cashmere pieces from Mia Fratio are manufactured from only 100% natural fibres that are biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.

The cashmere is sourced ethically from Inner Mongolia were the herds of goats are reared in happy, healthy and cruelty-free environments. The cashmere fleece is collected during the warmer months when the fleece is naturally shed causing no harm to the animals.

The cashmere fibres are tested for purity at an independent laboratory to check for 100% cashmere DNA ensuring that all the fibres used in the manufacturing process are absolutely pure and ethically sourced.

The garments are produced in Mia Fratino’s own factory in Sri Lanka were their staff are afforded privileges & entitlements comparable to the conditions of any Australian or European factory. This ensures a happy and healthy working environment for all the company’s employees.

The company also champions social responsibility through a non-profit micro-finance organisation that they set up in 2011 when they started manufacturing in Sri Lanka. The program focuses on community based philanthropic initiatives particularly focusing on empowering women who are living in poverty.

As a company they are dedicated to slow fashion. They support mindful purchasing and encourage choosing quality over quantity. They educate their cashmere customers about cashmere garment care, encouraging proper care and repair over replacement. They even offer an online Care Clinic and ‘Rejuvenation & Mending’ service for their cashmere pieces.

In purchasing a beautiful piece of Mia Fratino knitwear you are truly buying ‘cashmere with a conscience’.

February 27, 2022 — Notre A Life Less Ordinary Admin