Boxed Tealights - The Courtyard


The Courtyard is an immersive scent experience thanks to the rich notes of neroli and honeysuckle. For us, it makes us feel like we're on holiday in a warm country, having drinks in a courtyard after a long day in the sun. Flowering vines are clambering over pergolas and walls, their scent hanging in the warm air.

A beautiful choice for living spaces during the warm summer months. Slightly sweet but well-balanced with musks and woods. 

  • Top notes: Melon, Jasmine
  • Heart notes: Honeysuckle, Almond
  • Base notes: Neroli, Amber

      12 classic sized tealights are packed inside a printed kraft box with paper interwoven between the layers to protect them. The sturdy box means these tealights would make a beautiful, thoughtful gift.

      We would recommend using at least 2 tealights at a time to ensure the scent is noticeable in a room. All packaging is plastic free and can be placed in your household recycling.